About us

In order to accumulate, localize and provide access to various resources for educational purposes, in 2010 at the Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent, an Information Resource Center was created. A two-story building with a capacity of up to 250 visitors with 50 electronic tables with Internet access was transferred to the IRC’s disposal. In addition, up to 100 thousand electronic materials and resources are located in the autonomous library, on the local server, which are distributed using electronic desktops through the local network. The open fund has up to 20 thousand books.

To provide high quality services to visitors and students and to eliminate human error, the ARMAT ++ database has been implemented in most of the library process.
This program allows the user to register online and gain access to electronic IRC resources, as well as launch their personal account remotely.
Then the librarian, using a QR code reader, enters the issued book into the visitor’s personal account.

ARMAT ++ provides a function to search for material by keywords, if necessary, you can download the material via a direct link. Also, basic training material can be downloaded using a QR code. The stand catalog with the QR code of the book is conveniently located outside the library in the lobby of the Academic Building.